Monday, October 26, 2015

Book Review: Second Stone by Kelly Walker

Second Stone

Souls of the Stones #2


Kelly Walker


With her prince by her side, Emariya Warren begins the journey to Sheas to confront her uncle and bring her father home.

Only days after leaving the castle, the devastating news of her brother's continued treachery threatens to tear Torian and Emariya apart. But before Emariya can try to repair the rift between her and her prince, she must first answer one important question. Why can't she wake up?



I read and reviewed the first book in this series, Cornerstone, book 1 in the Souls of the Stones series about a year ago. I was happy to finally come back to Emariya and get back into her story.

I absolutely adore Emariya Warren. Her strength, her compassion, and her composure are all traits young women should admire. She reminds me of that girl you know that seems so perfect. You really want to just hate her, but you can't because you know you'd be missing out on an amazing friendship. She's not someone who drops everything to stay with the guy she's fatefully glued too. She has her priorities straight and her friends and family are at the top of that list. I cannot stress how much I appreciate this in a protagonist. It's one of the things that brought me back to this series.

Her friends, Jessa and Garith, have also started to come into their own in this sequel. They are crafted so well that I care almost as much about them as I do about Riya. I love their devotion to her, but also that they are dealing with issues of their own and their stories are growing as well. I have to admit, I am hoping a little romance sparks between the just makes sense! But, that's probably why it won't happen. Oh well. We'll see.

Second Stone has all the magic of the first book and more. As Emariya and Torian explore the depth of their feelings for each other, (sidenote: so far, this is a clean series.) the romance intoxicates the reader. What's more, is that Torian's sister gets a forbidden love interest of her own! All the things that make the hopeless romantic in me "squee!"

The only down fall with this sequel, is that I almost felt like a different author wrote it. Cornerstone's prose seriously left me breathless, wishing I had just an ounce of that kind of talent. I won't say Second Stone is poorly written, not by a long shot. But I kept waiting for an amazing line that wouldn't leave my head for days, but nothing like that happened. I can't really pinpoint what's different about it, except that it just lacks the enthusiastic drive of an author being published for the first time. At least, I think that was Kelly Walker's first book. She has a popular contemporary series too, but I think Souls of the Stones came first.

Anyway, I'll be reading the next book, Broken Stone, sometime soon because I bought the trilogy pack when it was on sale. If you enjoyed Cornerstone at all, follow Kelly Walker on Facebook. She will occasionally post about giveaways, but most of all, sales on her books.       

4 Stars
* * * *

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