Monday, September 28, 2015

YA Author Marketing Conference - Oct 3rd



I'll be attending an online conference October 3rd, 2015 for YA authors. We'll be discussing marketing and creative promotions. A great opportunity to gain some insight and meet other authors. It will take place on Facebook and it's absolutely free. All YA authors are welcome, both published and aspiring. Don't miss out! Clink the link below:

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Book Review: Fallen From Ashes by Megan Linski

Fallen From Ashes




Megan Linski

(The Kingdom Saga, Book #2)


 Queen Bennua has grown into a powerful ruler. With her new laws encouraging rights for both men and women, Haya-Maa has grown from a small city into a prosperous nation. Engaged to Zahid, the handsome Raider Prince, it would seem the young Queen is ready to lead the desert of Sahrahn into paradise.

But not all are so eager to follow the new Queen. A short time into her rule Haya-Maa erupts into civil war, rebels opposing the idea of a woman in power. With no other option Bennua must embark on a quest to find her missing friend, Toshana, who could hold the key to ending the bloodshed. Yet as her journey wears on Bennua discovers her title as Queen powerless against the wrath of gods and the wars of men. At her breaking point, Bennua finds the only way to save her country and defend her to offer a devastating sacrifice.


If you've yet to read book #1, Kingdom From Ashes, take a look at my review and see why I gave this story 5 stars. I've been anxiously waiting to read more about Bennua and the Raider Prince, so I was delighted when an ARC from Grypyn Publishing showed up in my inbox.

I actually finished this book awhile ago, but I've put off doing the review because I have trouble finding the right words to describe how much I love this series! The setting is so unique that I feel as though I'm being whisked far away every time I settle down to read it. Somehow I've managed to become obsessed with Bennua and Zahid the way most people obsess over celebrity couples.

Fallen From Ashes opens with their wedding and celebrations. It was quite satisfying to witness these two finally get the happiness they deserve. But the honeymoon ends abruptly when royal duties send them off on a dangerous adventure and their marriage is put to the ultimate test. On their journey, they meet up with some intriguing characters and a lot of the unexpected. Turns out the desert of Sahrahn is littered with mythical beasts and dangerous magic. The newly weds not only have to battle monsters, but also their differences in personality and faith - all while trying to keep the peace during a civil war! It's fantastic. A great story.

The only thing that annoyed me a little bit was the fact that Bennua and Zahid could have avoided so much brooding if they would have just TALKED TO EACH OTHER! At one point, I wanted to whack the two of them upside the head. Then again, I can't say that I'm not guilty of the same thing sometimes.

This book took such a toll on me emotionally. While I was reading it, I went from squealing, to biting my nails, to screaming, and then making anonymous death threats to the author. I've finally recovered and I can't wait to read Redemption from Ashes, due out this winter. Megan Linski instantly captivates the reader and holds them prisoner in this desert paradise. I devoured this story and am desperately craving more.

5 Stars
* * * * *


Megan Linski is looking for reviewers for Kingdom From Ashes. That means you'll get to read the book for FREE!! I highly recommend it. Contact her through

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Book Review: Stubborn Love by Wendy Owens


I thought twenty-three would be the year I reclaimed my identity. Ashton decided to give me a new one. Widow. A woman so cold she could drive her husband to suicide. - Stubborn Love

 When Emmie Hayes’ life is rocked by tragedy, she heads to New York City in hopes of finding herself again, but second chances aren’t easy for a Stubborn Heart.

* Contains mature content including death, romantic situations, and some mature language.


I haven't really stepped out of my comfort zone with books lately. I tend to not get excited about a book unless there are promises of new worlds, magic, and adventure. I wanted to broaden my horizons so I decided to go to the New Adult section in the Kindle store and find the first free book that didn't have two half-naked people embracing on the cover. That is how I found Stubborn Love. (Although, later I found an alternate version of the cover that does, in fact, have two half naked people embracing on the cover. Go figure.)

This book is very lucky that I have a "two chapters" rule because I almost stopped reading after the first two pages. The prologue was not engaging at all. "I looked at him" was the first line, proceeded by a mess of a back story that I really didn't care about because I had no impression of the main character yet. I like to get to know the protagonist first, find a reason to care about them, and then learn about their scarred past. How are we supposed to engage with the character if we don't even know them? It's like when someone sits next to you in the doctors office and just all of a sudden vomits their life story all over you. It's much better if I can make small talk first, be introduced, and get a sense of their personality before I'm expected to care about where they came from. But maybe I'm just cold and my opinion isn't the norm.

*****Vague Spoilers*****

As you can tell, that didn't make a great first impression on me. But I kept reading because I, too, come from an emotionally abusive relationship and I wanted to know how Emmie was going to handle it. There really wasn't much originality to the story. I'd heard most of it before: Young, naive girl moves to the big city to start over and pursue her dreams. She is completely focused on her goals and has no intention of finding love until a smoldering hottie falls in her lap. She spends about seven chapters playing emotional tug of war between her head and heart until she finally gives in. It is a sweeping romance until the first misunderstanding threatens a split that could have been avoided if they would have just talked to each other. But, several chapters later, all is forgiven and love wins. Then finally, an intriguing conflict arises, but it comes with no shock value since we already learned Emmie's secret on page 3. I really feel like it would have been more interesting if Emmie's tragic past and backstory had waited until the end to come forward. It could have been a hook through the whole book that would have kept the pages turning.

The saving grace for Stubborn Love was Wendy Owen's writing. Written in first person, every paragraph felt like I was catching up with an old friend. I'm going to keep an eye on this author. If she ever writes a book that seems more up my alley, I'm definitely going to give it a shot. For now, I'll stick to my warrior princesses and mythical beasts.    

3 Stars
 * * *