Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Announcing: Sigil in Shadow

Ellary Dane knows she deserves to die

- but not for a crime she didn’t commit.

She thinks her 19 year streak of bad luck is over when she accidentally saves the life of a highborn officer and is taken to court to study under the tutelage of the most renowned healer in the kingdom. Suspicions surround her sudden presence, making her more enemies than allies. She soon finds herself ripped from her warm palace sheets and thrown into a dank prison cell.

As nobles vie for their spot on the throne, Ellary learns she is bound to a secret history that could change the kingdom forever. If she is going to break her chains, she must trust the stranger labeled as her accomplice and face the lie that pushed her into the silent warfare of highborn society.

***NOTE: This book is completely separate from the Onyx Moon trilogy.***

Sigil in Shadow is the project I've been working on for the last several months. There is no set release date, as I am working with several publishing options. This book wasn't planned, but once Ellary's story came to me it wouldn't let go. As of right now, there are no delays in the publication of Bloodstones.

Sigil in Shadow is meant to be a stand alone, one shot adventure. It's a good novel to pack in your bag for a long trip or a rainy weekend. The possibility for sequels is definitely there, but it all depends on reader demand and time. There are several books scheduled before I will have to come up with any fresh ideas. That's a good thing. A writer wants to be busy. 

 Thank you all so much for your continued support. I love what I do and hope that you do too! I'll always keep you posted on progress and anything else you want to know. Just ask! 

God Bless, 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

How To Read New Books For Free

One thing you need to understand first, is that most of these free books will come in the form of ARCs. An ARC is an Advanced Reader Copy given to promoters and reviewers by authors and publishing companies, usually 6-3 months before the book's release. ARCs usually come in the form of a digital file that you can download to your Ereader. Once in a while, you may score a print copy, but for obvious reasons, digital is usually the way to go with publishers. NOTE: It is illegal to sell or trade ARCs.

Start a Blog

Or in other words, become a reviewer. Even if you only average one book a month, tell the world what you think about it. Authors seeking to promote their new book WILL find you and and offer you an ARC. In no time, you'll have requests piled up in your in-box. Free books for life!

Book Review Blogs

As I stated before, it is illegal to sell ARCs, but book review blogs will often giveaway a print ARC in a contest. It would definitely be beneficial to follow a few and keep up with their giveaways. One I've noticed that gives away free print copies all the time is Aesta's Book Blog.


This website is fantastic, because after you make a profile, you can actually request which ARCs you want. They feature both major publishers and small press. Whether or not you get approved for a requested ARC is based on solely on the publisher of the book. The major ones will probably check out your blog and see what kind of audience you bring in with your reviews. If you want to read new books before you they hit the shelves, go make a profile right now!

Become a Beta Reader

This is another easy way to get a hold of books before they are released. Several publishers, especially small press, will post on their websites that they are looking for beta readers. Think of a beta reader as someone who tests out the book before it is published. You can give the author feedback and know that your opinion was heard. If your favorite author or publisher doesn't have a Beta Reader click, email them and tell them you'd love an ARC in exchange for posting reviews. Most will probably go for it, especially if the book comes after the first in a series. One publisher with fabulous authors that is always looking for advanced reviews is Gryfyn Publishing. They've never turned me away.

Follow Authors

Authors, whether independently published or not, are always doing as much promotional work as their publishing team, if not more. One way they do this is by doing giveaways on their blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, what have you. If you have a favorite author you'd be stupid not to follow them on social media. Not only will you have the first inside look to your favorite stories, but you'll have a chance to win autographed books! Personally, I have yet to win anything. But I'm crossing my fingers because I know my number is coming soon!

Online Release Parties

After you start following your favorite authors, you might get invited to a few online release parties. This is a great way to win free books. They usually happen for a few hours the day the book is released and there are several chances to win print, ebooks, and gift cards from several authors who have teamed up. For contest entries, you will usually have to "like" that author's facebook page, sign up for their newsletter, or add one of their books on Goodreads. The book I'm currently reading is one that I won at a release party.

Kindle Free Store

Now the books you'll find for free in the Kindle Store might not necessarily be new, but that's never really bothered me, since I book I haven't read is essentially a new book. This is the way I score the majority of my free books. There are stacks of them on my kindle shelf since I find intriguing books so often that I can't catch up on my reading list. Sound familiar? Its common for publishers and indie authors to make the first book in a series permanently free. But be careful, this free sample is a marketing ploy to get you to pay for the rest of the series. And it works! I found my favorite romantic fantasy series from a freebie. I highly recommend it.

Free Ebook Websites

These websites are devoted to notifying readers free promotions and deeply discounted sales on ebooks. Even bestsellers. You can check the websites at your leisure or sign up for their mailing list. Most are customized to your preferences and how often you wish to receive notifications. Which is nice, since no one wants their in-boxes stuffed with spam. Some good ones are Addicted To Ebooks, Ebooks Habit, Goodkindles, and Indie Book Of The Day . The most popular one used by major publishers is BookBub
Authors, you can also add your books and advertise on these sites. Most are pretty affordable and have gotten me results.  

Support Your Library

Don't forget, you have access to free books right around the corner! Even new releases. Libraries have budgets to buy new books and their first priority are the top bestsellers. They are the most underutilized resource in our communities. If you have a reading addiction and also a budgeting problem, you probably already know this. But honestly in our digital world libraries seem to be the best kept secret.     

Please Leave Reviews

One thing to keep in mind, is that if you personally receive and ARC from an author or publisher, the courteous thing to do is to add that book to the top of your TBR list and then leave a review when you're finished. Doesn't have to long, doesn't even have to be flattering. Just an honest rating on Amazon or Goodreads means the world to an author. One of the biggest things people look for when they buy a book on Amazon is how many reviews it has. The more reviews a book has, the more people have read it. Lots of readers means there must be something to it, right? Your opinion and support are extremely important to the author community and keep the book world turning. Without readers, there is no reason to write. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Book Review: Vera's Song by Natalie Erin

Creatures of the Lands 

Book #2


Five years have passed since the battle for the Verinian Forest. Kia, Keota, the wolves and Ionan have been living peacefully since, though things aren't as happy as they appear. Ionan longs for the shores of Nesting's Haven, the isle of Changers that he left long ago, and the eyes of his first love, Vera.

Things are turned upside down when Vera arrives, claiming to have left her abusive Accompany. Almost immediately after Kia's young son Kennu and his Changer Allie go missing. Allie and Kennu have been kidnapped by an evil mastermind hellbent on taking total control of the Lands and all that surrounds them. But there’s a twist this time, as the foe is one they not only know well, but fear, because his powers are beyond all imagining and his cunning is enough to outwit them all.

Our heroes are left with no order to bring back the children they love, one of them must be sacrificed. Kiatana and her friends will discover that their previous battles are nothing compared to the upcoming war, and what they’ve lost so far is in no way equal to the danger brewing on the horizon.



I was really excited when I received an ARC from Gryfyn Publishing of Vera's Song! If you're not familiar with the Creatures of the Lands series, check out my review of the first book, Kiatana's Journey.

What I really love about this series is the quirky characters. And there are a TON of them; from fairies, to shape-shifting animals, to a whole array of mythical creatures. I wish these animals could come alive so I could keep them in my backyard. Vera is indeed my favorite, a sweet, mothering dragon, staying strong in the face of trials despite the chains that hold her.

As with Kiatana's Journey, the Changers are still a little confusing. They switch forms so much, it's hard to picture what they look like in a scene. I'll read along thinking Ionan is a dragon, then realize he's been a lion this whole time. The author will start off a scene mentioning Ionan is now a Pegasus, but I'm still picturing the lion. So just make sure you keep a close eye on those pesky Changers.

I was happy to find so much emotion with the characters, which was lacking a bit with the last book. Each main character has their own story, yet Erin brings them all together flawlessly. My heart poured out for each one of them, latching onto their fear, relief, betrayal, happiness, and heartache.

As far as writing style goes, Natalie Erin is not my favorite. Her story is rich with drama and excitement, but I feel there is something lacking in the delivery. Perhaps with so many characters in the party, she's busy setting up what everyone is doing in the scene to really throw the reader in it. Her voice has grown since the first book, so I have high hopes for the series. 

Overall, Vera's Song is a fantastic sequel. Things go from bad to worse, and you really doubt everything will work out for your furry friends. Creatures of the Lands really has everything that makes a great modern fairytale and is perfect for a reader with a hungry imagination.

Book 3 is titled Wyntier's Rise, but has no release date set at this time. If you haven't yet, get yourself a copy of Kiatana's Journey and catch up. 


4 Stars



Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Hi! Remy Injay here, indie book reporter! Firstly, I'd like to thank Constance for letting me takeover her blog today for an interview! Today we're interviewing Ionan, a fire breathing, emerald green dragon who takes center stage in the second book in the Creatures of the Lands series, Vera's Song! Vera's Song comes out this Friday, June 10th. 

Thanks for being here today, Ionan. Can you tell us a little about the book?
It's different, this time around. In the first book my companions and I had to journey the realm in order to find a cure for a strange illness. Now my friend Kia's son has been kidnapped, and we must go beyond all reason in order to get him back.

This book is about your first love, Vera, correct?
Yes, that is what our sequel pertains to.

And? Details?
I'm not inclined to give any, at the moment. (Lets out a puff of smoke).

Darn! Okay, then tell us about your adventures. What can readers expect this time?
What else? Danger. Excitement. True love gone wrong for multiple couples, and a despicable creature out to destroy the Lands. Usual, I expect.

You sound rather grumpy today.
You cannot possibly imagine.

But this is your book!
Yes, it is my story, though not a particularly pleasant one all the way through. People died, you know. There's a fair bit of tragedy among the adventure. Not everyone gets their happy ending this time. Sacrifices had to be made for the greater good. The first book was lighter. Things are getting darker.

I see. And you're not inspired to tell us anything except for what's on the back?
I am a dragon. I do not meddle in the affairs of humans. 

Irritable reptile.
Did you expect anything different?

Okay, fine. In the first book, you participated in a great battle to save Kia's forest. Is this book going to be similar to last time?
Things involved more people in Book 1, but now all of our battles are on a much more personal scale. There's more to lose for all of us, if you can believe it. Our children are at stake, and the people who have them like to play mind games.  

Wait a second…if this is your story then why aren’t you on the cover?
Because dragons are expensive to make, you fool. I suppose none of you humans could catch me in all my scaled, green glory anyway.

Will you behave?
I do not know the meaning of the word.

You know we could call your rider, Keota, in here. He’ll put a stop to this.

That’s what I thought. Can you tell me a little about the book's antagonist, Wyntier? From your honest opinion?
I could tell you I want to rip him limb from limb until he goes out of this world screaming.

Well, you asked me to be honest. I am a fearsome creature, as you well know, and I don’t take well to people who try to destroy everything I hold dear. I don’t suppose anyone does, really. I’m certainly not going to sit down for tea and crumpets with him…that’s what you humans eat here, tea and crumpets? I’m sure that must be what the phrase is…

Fine, fine. What's the last thing you want to say to readers?
Expect the unexpected. Things aren't always what they appear in the Lands, and this time, enemies are lurking everywhere...even from within our circle of friends.

That's a wrap! Thanks again Ionan for showing up...
I really shouldn't have.

And make sure you grab a copy of Vera's Song, which can be found here at Amazon!