Friday, October 31, 2014

Onyx Moon Pre-Order

Great news! 

My new book is available for pre-order! I've made a kickstarter to help spread the word and to raise a little extra cash to pay for the first shipment of promotional copies. Everyone who participates gets a sneak peak with the prologue and first chapter, as well as a favor from me to redeem at anytime! ;)

You can check it out here....

Coming soon....

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Introducing Onyx Moon

What if you were forced to live a double life while you sleep, and pursued by Demons while you were awake?


 After spending all of her nights in a dreamless sleep, city girl Ora Gondry awakens in a realm that is not her own. Through the help of long forgotten heroes, a legendary swordsman and former witch, Ora learns that her soul teleports to a separate twin body while she slumbers.     

 In Alethia, a land plagued by demonic legions, she must awaken her true power before the world falls to dark forces. While in the city, she struggles to pass exams keep her best friend from joining a wannabe vampire cult. Oblivious to just how connected these two worlds are, Ora must wager which new friends are true allies, and which are demons in disguise. But after a crushing betrayal, she is left questioning everything. 

 Armed only with faith and unseen Angels, Ora learns to fight for beliefs and a courageous power she never knew she possessed.