Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Book Review: The Witch's Curse, by Megan Linski

The Witch's Curse


Megan Linski 




"The scream of a dying girl was the singular sound that changed my life, forever."

When Briar enters the Eldermere Woods alone, she never could've imagined the danger that awaited her there. As a young witch, she's sought by hunters who desire her blood, a group of radicals who wish to eliminate all magical creatures. When Briar discovers a fellow witch slaughtered in the forest, her boring afternoon is changed into a fight for her life.

With the help of her dragon shifter love, Thomas, Briar must find a way to stop the witch hunters from destroying her town of Thorny Brook. But is her magic strong enough to defeat her most dangerous enemies? Full of danger, fantasy, and fun, THE WITCH'S CURSE is another thrilling installment by bestselling author Megan Linski.



You may have noticed that I read a ton of Megan Linski. Well that's true.
1. Because she's amazing.
2. She writes like 12 books a year.
3. She usually lets me read her stuff for free in advance for only the promise that I will review it. 

But everyone can get this little novella for FREE by signing up for Megan's VIP list! Trust me, it's worth it. ;)

This was a fantastic little read (only about an hour long) that just left me wanting more. I really hope Linski decides to make this a series of novellas.

The world building is excellent, especially since it is crafted in such a short amount of words. From the cover, I thought it was set in modern times, but it's clear as you read on that this takes place in a medieval village of sorts. The small town is made up of witches, shape shifting dragons, normal villagers, and those who oppose magic all together. Briar, a young witch, has to hunt down her peer's murderer in order to keep her peaceful town safe. Great stuff. I really hope I get to read more.

Again, the only way to read this mini novella by signing up for Megan Linski's VIP list at her website www.meganlinski.com

5 Stars

* * * * * 



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