Monday, June 1, 2015

May Giveaway!

Ongoing! Everyone Can Win This One!


Those who pledged a certain level on my Kickstarter campaign were promised they could read the first chapter of Bloodstones in advance. Because of popular demand, I want to extend that privilege to all my readers!

To become eligible for an advanced look at chapter one, simply leave a rating/review of Onyx Moon on Amazon or Goodreads. (Or both!) No time limit. This reward is open until Bloodstone's release. Honest opinions are need. Tell other readers what you think. ;) If you've already posted a review, just contact me to receive your reward!

If you haven't read Onyx Moon yet, the ebook is FREE for just a few days. After you're finished reading, leave a review and get chapter one of the next book to tide you over. :) Hurry!! This free ebook promotion is a limited time offer!

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