Saturday, April 4, 2015


Most of the people who have finished Onyx Moon have pestered me for the next installment in the trilogy, Bloodstones. All I can say right now is: It is coming. The book has been in the works for years, but any book, let alone an "epic" fantasy, takes time. And unfortunately, that is something I don't have a lot to spare these days. I promise you, every fraction of a second I have that is not obligated somewhere else, I am writing. Whether it's promoting Onyx Moon, working on content for the blog, or writing actual book content, I am hard at work.

I will say the writing process for Bloodstones is going a lot smoother than I expected. Now that the world of Alethia is set up in the reader's mind and the characters are established, it's like the darn book writes itself. Every time I sit down at the computer I feel like I am hanging out with old friends. All things considered, I take that as a good sign. So the sequel is definitely coming along. Spring 2016 if not sooner. I am currently recruiting beta readers, reviewers, and have signed with a cover designer. I am so excited to add it to my shelf!


In the meantime, I have a confession to make: I am also currently writing a new book!! There's not much I can say about it at this point except that it is a "one shot adventure". A YA non-magical fantasy set in a medieval kingdom. Sometimes I get ideas that just won't leave me alone until I put it on paper. And since this is a stand alone novel, (not part of a series) I figured, why not? This new book is going out to the first set of beta readers next week and I currently have a designer working on the cover.  

I promise, Bloodstones is still happening and more details on the new book will be coming soon!

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