Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Book Review: The Inner Kingdom by S.R. Gibbs

The Inner Kingdom


S. R. Gibbs


April, Angie, and Ashley are just three ordinary adopted sisters, just trying to survive their senior year in high school. They live by four simple rules: They must not tell anyone that they are adopted sisters, sit at the same lunch table, speak more than necessary to one another during school hours, and the most important one, Never get involved in the problems of others.
The girls' rules no longer applied, when they are suddenly transported to a distant world; where they are welcomed as destined warriors, chosen at birth to save their world. In order to do this they will first have to journey to three of the four outer kingdoms, within six months to release their dragons, and defeat the evil Queen before she fully regains her strength, and continues the war she started over a hundred years ago.
Even in her weakened state the Queen will not make it easy for them, with the girls' sudden manifestation of special abilities, they discover what they were really meant to be. Faced with a chance to be able to return home. They are forced to make the decision to stay in the world where they've found love, friendship, and a purpose, or go back to a world, that tried to take away their destiny.



I received an ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I started The Inner Kingdom right away. It was a quick read that moved the story along at a nice pace. I never found the story dragging or found myself waiting for more action or conflict. 

S.R. Gibbs fascinated me with her well developed fantasy world and the intriguing government within. The kingdom had one magical surprise after another. I absolutely loved the "celtas", an enchanted scribble on a wall or object that can open a space that wasn't there before, revealing anything from a bathroom to a magic portal. I've half a mind to start drawing celtas on my own walls, hoping they will open up to a well lit, walk-in closet. 

The story focuses on three sisters, Angie, Ashley, and April. Each girl has the makings of a relate-able, intelligent heroine, but the author only illustrates a few differences between them. I know one is rash and hot-headed, but I honestly wouldn't be able to tell you if it's Angie or April. Things get a little confusing as each chapter is narrated by a different girl, but their individual voices sound too similar to tell them apart. I kept having to flip back to the beginning of the chapter to remember which girl I was reading. The writing style just kind of seemed like I was listening to someone casually telling me something that happened to them. I wished there had been more description to make me feel like I was right along side the girls in the kingdom of Eupai. Maybe everything would have been less confusing if the book was just written in third person instead of switching characters every chapter. 

 I appreciated some mysterious characters, a budding romance, and the ending. After the climax, enough conflicts were resolved to make the book feel complete, yet left enough open to lead in to the sequel, Sapphire Kingdom. Each book after The Inner Kingdom will continue the story of the three Dragon Warriors, focusing on one particular girl in each book. 

3.5 stars


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