Saturday, January 17, 2015

Upcoming Events

 My street team and I have been busy lately with promotional hoohaa; getting Onyx Moon into a few solid stores and navigating the unforgiving sea that is the internet. Here are some things we have going so far. First, I have been invited to do a signing at the local library. This event special to me because I used to work there as a lowly page, restocking dusty books and dreaming of the day my own would grace their shelves. I learned a lot about writing the publishing market while working there and I wouldn't trade my countless hours in those tall stacks for anything. 

 But enough about the past. The next stop on my little book tour is a beautiful shoppe called Patti Anne's Exchange. They sell lots of decorative trinkets and elegant furniture, and is whimsical place to spend an afternoon perusing. I will be there signing copies of my book Sat-Sun February 7th and 8th 12-2. I hope I see you there!

***** Coming Soon *****

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