Monday, January 26, 2015


For years I've had a Pinterest board for Onyx Moon. I kept it secret, mostly because I didn't want people asking me why I was pinning such weird stuff. Now that the book is out, I've decided to share it with all the world! If you follow me on Pinterest, you can now see the whole thing on my profile. Below are some of my favorites. Don't worry! There are NO SPOILERS :)

 Ora wasn't this dressed up when she was asleep in the Blessed Tree, but I like to think Isabella and Letty adorned her with flowers once in awhile. I couldn't help but think of Ora when I saw this picture. She's sleeping so peacefully and she even has that brassy blond hair.

There is no stream outside Isabella's cottage, but it could have looked like this. Quaint and hidden in the Forbidden Wood.

A beautiful lightning storm conjured by Isabella.

The wall leading up to the castle.

Ora's favorite gymnastics pose. I studied and learned a lot to be able to include gymnastics in the book.
Lady Grey
This is actually New York but it was such a great shot of the moon looming over everything. I can imagine Angels and Demons battling on the rooftops.

Yes, I know this is Hogwarts. But can't you imagine Xader sulking in these dark corridors at night?

Reminds me of Xader's mirrored garden. Some of the only sunlight he ever gets. 

One of Avery Academy uniforms looked something like this. Silly rich city kids.

A demonic face Ora sees when she looks at someone on the street. I absolutely love this picture. It freaked me out when I first saw it. No wonder she thinks she's crazy.

When I see this I think of the tree on the cliffs by the sea. Ora and Doeryan's special place.

Ora loves the soothing tones of lavender. Her bedroom was cozy and probably looked something like this.

I only see Doeryan when I look at this face. Its funny. It was actually really hard to find a serious picture of this actor, Torrance Combs. Most of them were either ones where he was making some goofy face at the camera or selfies with his cat. I think Doeryan would have liked cats. ;)

Seven's hair. Wish I could pull this off.

The colorful night sky in Alethia. 

A spot in the Forbidden Wood. This place feels like home. 

Whenever I was feeling stuck on something, or just couldn't get my mind in the book, I would look at these pictures to get the wheels turning. I have a similar board for Bloodstones, and the other fantasy series I am working on. Those two are secret, since they contain spoilers and I'm not ready to talk about my other series yet. When Bloodstones is out, check back and I'll post my favorite pics from that board too!

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