Monday, August 31, 2015

Writing Hangover


You other authors know what I'm talking about. Finishing the draft of a manuscript, sending it off, and then having that haze over you while you play the waiting game.

For like two days my I wandered around not knowing what to do with my strictly scheduled free time. It almost feels like the first day of summer vacation when you still feel like you have homework to do. One night the hubs lost his shift for his work from home job and was excited to make plans with me. I was like, "That would be nice, but if you're not hogging the computer I should really work on my...Oh wait..."

We had a pleasantly rare evening. We went out to eat at one of our favorite local places and played a card game while watching a movie after we put the kid to bed. The whole time I felt like there is something I should have been doing, writing wise.

Of course there is. There is always book stuff that needs to be done. I've come to accept that I will die without writing all the books that I need to write. Next on the to do list while I'm waiting to get my manuscript back is finishing Bloodstones, the second book in the Onyx Moon trilogy. I paused in the middle of the first draft to get Sigil in Shadow out before my head exploded. And of course, once you publish a book, you can never stop promoting.

And I will. I'll get back to all of that. But for now I think I just need a short sabbatical to rewire my brain. I'm still so rooted in the kingdom from Sigil in Shadow that it's hard to think of anything else; In the real world and in my head. The world of Alethia seems so out of reach. I see it, but it's just far away at the moment.

I just need a week or two in reality. I need to play outside with my daughter more now that the weather is becoming tolerable. And read more "gooks" to her, if that's even possible. My husband also deserves a little more attention. He's so patient and supportive of my need to write on a daily basis. He's given up a lot of game nights and set back watching "our" shows so that I can get things done on time.

I also need to reconnect with my friends. I am a terrible friend and I know it. A lot of times, instead of going out I'll think, "well, I really need to get X and Y done..." before you know it, my friends forget what my voice sounds like.

Don't worry, I'll still be reading and reviewing. I don't think I could ever quit that. I should have the next review up in less than a week. But for now, I'm going to take a few guilt-free naps and socialize a bit before I retreat back into my chaotic head for several months. 

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