Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Rated Reads

Good news! I've joined the team of excellent reviewers on Rated Reads. The reviews on this website are mostly Adult and Young Adult fiction focusing on rating the content of the book like a rating on a movie. Most reviewers also critique the book and give personal opinions, but the sole purpose of  Rated Reads is to inform readers of the level of explicit content in a book.

1. None
2. Mild
3. Moderate
4. High
5. Dirt

Details on the different ratings can be found on the website. I will be posting some of the books I review to this site. In addition to reviewing small press and indie books here on my author blog, I will also be reviewing the mainstream books I read along with my indie reviews on Rated Reads. This website is a great tool if you are concerned about the content of a popular book. (especially for parents) It's also fun if you want to find some new books to read! Check it out. I highly recommend it.

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